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Banks and SMEs: Embrace Innovation!


SMEs in many cases are at a disadvantage when it comes to financing. They don't hold the resources available to larger companies, having limited assistance files to help them grow their business. Entry to financing is more than essential for most SMEs - given the intense competitiveness these days, it means survival.

SME bank loan

A bank such as a bank, however, needs to form a strategic knowledge of each SME-borrower in order to accurately rate the business’ creditworthiness. Thorough assessments include adequate information about past projects, future plans, management quality, financial performance, and industry outlook. Such assessments rise above credit scoring, this process assigns actual qualitative valuation to a company and as such gains the label Credit Risk Rating.

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Traditionally, lenders do not let business owners know how they rated beyond a really brief “approved” or “denied” loan application result. In reality, understanding of its business credit risk rating could be of significant benefit to the SME company owner. He learns what creditworthiness is focused on in the context of his own business and is given the opportunity to translate this knowledge into managing his business accordingly.

Today, the loan rating process is enabled by i . t such as the Software-as-a-Service CreditBPO Rating Report©*. Generated in 24-48 hours would be the credit risk rating and actionable recommendations that collectively consitute a guide the SME can follow toward improving its creditworthiness. This online rating solution benefits both banks and SMEs in a range of ways, not least of which is bridging the credit information gap that has kept lending to SMEs at a lamentable level for decades. (Businessworld: “Disruptive innovations that really help small firms get loans”)

Technology now as part of your is a great enabler. It has allowed startups and SMEs to make thriving markets as to what was once the exclusive domains of big enterprises. That said, SMEs ought to embrace innovation and optimized management should they hope to compete in any way. At the same time, banks/ lenders cannot keep making loan applicants wait weeks to get a credit decision or they risk hurting their bank’s brand and eroding customer goodwill.

Finally, the means for jumpstarting SME development into national sustainable growth is a hand and government could be the likely catalyst for this. Technology must be used being an integral part of government intervention programs to garner interest, optimize results and spread benefits. An instrumental possibility in this an endeavor would be an objective and transparent IT-enabled credit score platform, ideal for evaluating vendors, suppliers, and bidders. Multiplication of such a platform would quickly gain steam as support is gathered through the country in pursuit of an extremely competitive nation-contributor to the integrated ASEAN region.

To be able to network both domestic and international businesses requires mutual understanding in business. As such, having the ability to describe the valuation of companies in a common language thanks to CreditBPO Rating Reports could be both catalytic and instrumental.

Credit rating

*The CreditBPO Rating Report is copyright-registered using the U.S. Copyright Office.
“Technology Company with the Year” finalist, Asia CEO Awards 2015.

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